How Best to View This Site - Creation's Expressions Photography
Here are some tips on how best to view the photos on this site:

- Getting More Real Estate for Photo Display: Pressing F11 on your keyboard will remove your browser heading, toolbars, and sides from view and leave more space for displaying photos. Pressing F11 again will bring back all of the browser bits.

 - Viewing Larger Versions of Photos: If you click one of the photos in a Gallery, it will open by itself in a larger size, and you can then "click through" the other photos in the Gallery by using the left and right arrows. This method will display any titles and captions I have on the photos. If you mouse over to where the titles and captions display, it will move the text up so you can read all of it. Note, if you click the Play button while in this mode it will switch to Slideshow mode and will stop displaying Titles and Captions. (Bug - There is a Smugmug bug when you start the slideshow when you are clicking through photos. The slideshow skips some of the photos. If you want to use the Slideshow, start it by clicking the Slideshow button from the Gallery, rather than when viewing a single photo.)

- Slideshow: If you choose to view photos in a Gallery using the Slideshow link, the titles and captions will not appear with the photos as they display.

- Comments: The ability to Comment on photos is enabled, so feel free to leave Comments. The Comment boxes are at the bottom of the pages. Compliments are always welcome :-), and so is constructive criticism. Please be respectful.

Thank you for viewing my site.
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